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“Situated on the top of the hill…..was amazing…..clean and well maintained above what we expected…helpful staff… awesome view….. It was PERFECT “
Manasa Pinnaka, Bangalore.
Aliquot of the dedication to the nature, Nature Zone doesn’t have any solid constructions. There are 12 African Safari Luxury Tents that fully blend with the nature’s landscape and 5 houses mounted scientifically on the tree tops.
Not even a branch of the tree has been cut to make these houses. You will see all these dwelling stuffs only if someone points out that to you!

Luxury at its best form is being built into the interiors of these tents and tree houses, without compromising on our eco-drive. Superior quality coir flooring, Bamboo & Paper light fittings, eco-friendly toiletries, etc are just some of the eco-friendly initiatives you will experience in your room. While we are fully dedicated to the nature, we have not compromised on any of your comforts. Here the water source is a mountain lake, a mile away. Each cottage has Well-appointed rooms with modern bath rooms and large verandahs, and all around you can see the aromatic plants like Lavender and Rosemary. A totally ecological approach…