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“Situated on the top of the hill…..was amazing…..clean and well maintained above what we expected…helpful staff… awesome view….. It was PERFECT “
Manasa Pinnaka, Bangalore.
The Nature Zone Tree Houses have a wraparound balcony with wooden banister, coir matting and rattan chairs; a proper sit-down loo and (cold) shower; and a bamboo-walled double-bedroom.
Being way above mosquito-land, you can roll up the blinds at night and fall asleep wrapped in nothing but a cotton blanket and the tropical night air. At night you can sit in the balcony and have a talk in the beautiful moon light. Room service (food and beverages) is not generally encouraged here owing to the peculiar geography and location of facilities at Nature Zone. But we will be glad to serve you food to the tree house if you would kindly excuse any short-comings in this regard, and the extra service charge.